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Two Bostons 16th Annual Food Drive: A Little Friendly Competition!

Two Bostons 16th Annual Food Drive: A Little Friendly Competition!

Why does Two Bostons do a Food Drive? 

Its no secret that here at Two Bostons, we love giving back to our community. We have such a passion for people and pets, and we are so excited to be having our 16th Annual Food Drive this year! Last year, we raised over 5,400 meals for local rescues and shelters, and we know with your incredible and continued support we can exceed that goal for 2024! 

What is The 16th Annual Food Drive?

For the past 16 years, Two Bostons has been collecting and matching meal donations for pets at local shelters and rescues each June with our Food Drive. Our Food Drive is created to ensure the success of the local shelters and rescues in our community and to help feed animals in need. 

How does it work?

From June 1st until June 30th, customers can donate a meal (unit of donation is $3.99 can of food) in store or online. Any time 12 meals are donated at a single time, Two Bostons will double that donation and turn it into 24 meals donated! The shelter with the most meals donated at the end of the Food Drive will have their meals doubled by Two Bostons! 

How can you get involved? 

Until June 30th, you can donate a meal (or 12 to have it doubled) at any Two Bostons store or online. If there is a specific organization you wish to support, share on social media and with family and friends to increase donations for that rescue. Donate a meal today and help us pass last year's goal in feeding even more shelter and rescue pets! 

To support online, click here!

Participating Organizations 

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