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Time For Fireworks and Fun: Preparing for Pet Anxiety

Time For Fireworks and Fun: Preparing for Pet Anxiety

As we enter the 2024 Summer Season, many of us look forward to loud concerts, outdoor gatherings, and fireworks! While these celebrations are often fun filled for humans, they may cause stress and anxiety to animals if preparations aren't made ahead of time.

Studies show that animals struggle to make sense of firework noises because they are loud and unpredictable. Animals associate the loud noises with danger, and their natural instincts tell them to run, hide and panic. Keep reading for some helpful tricks and treats you can try to keep your pet's happy and stress free this Summer Season! 

Chill Out Dinner Tuna and Chicken Cat Patte is a delicious way to calm your cat before fireworks this July. Made with a hearty blend of tuna and chicken, your cat will love the smooth paste texture of this dinner. BPA free, no grains, gluten or carrageenan in this food. 3oz pouch. 

Relieve stress and anxiety for your dog with Heavenly Hounds Peanut Butter Squares! These peanut butter squares are a safe and natural way to reduce dog's tension, and are blended with natural ingredients. These treats are made with a combination that promotes relaxation and eliminates anxiety in dogs. Give 30 mins before fireworks or stressful event. 

Calming Aid Nootie Chew Bar is the perfect remedy for a stressed out pup. This natural melatonin chew has 3milligrams of melatonin for treating anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity and fear in dogs. 4 pack chews are great for on the go, travel and parties, and they are easy to slip into a bag and feed before the fireworks! 

Stock up this season with AK Naturals Happy Traveler Chews! Ease stress for your pets with these delicious chews formulated with quality botanicals. Non-habit forming and made in the USA, these chews help with motion sickness, anxiety and stress from events like fireworks. 

Humans often forget that sounds are much louder for animals than they are for us, with the average dog's hearing being 4 times more acute than ours! Cat's have such acute hearing that they can be even more sensitive than dogs. Try these tasty options this season to ease the stress of fireworks and more for your pets! 

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