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Progility Allergy Relief Minis Soft Chews

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Provide your pup with relief from seasonal and environmental allergies with Nootie's Progility Allergy Relief Minis Soft Chews. Best for small to medium-sized dogs, these chews are packed with powerful ingredients that are cold-pressed for maximum efficiency. Chaga, reishi, bromelain, and quercetin work to reduce skin inflammation and itchiness, while colostrum, apple cider vinegar, and added probiotics help regulate your pup's immune system and digestive biome. Soothing and supportive, these chews are just what your furry friend needs to improve their allergy symptoms.

Contains 60 soft chews.


Active Ingredients per 1 soft chew:

100 mg
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
50 mg
Vitamin C
20 mg
Chaga Mushrooms
20 mg
Reishi Mushrooms
20 mg
Apple Cider Vinegar
17 mg
Organic Nettle Root
17 mg
Ginger Root
15 mg
Organic Licorice Root
15 mg
10 mg
8 mg
8 mg
Zinc Gluconate
0.75 mg


Daily Maintenance:

2-10 lbs…………1 Chew Daily

11-20 lbs………..2 Chews Daily

21-30 lbs………..3 Chews Daily

31-40 lbs………..4 Chews Daily

 For dogs requiring more than one chew daily, divide between AM and PM.