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Large Mine Pet Platter

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This feeder will forever change how you feed your pets!  Why? The Original Mine Pet Platter is the only feeder with a patented design, which allows your pet to eat naturally. When you let your dog or cat eat from their natural feeding territory, it solves common problems caused by feeding from a bowl. The Pet Platter improves your pet’s digestion by naturally slowing the pace and amount eaten. And your pet will be stimulated by their exploration and “positive licking” on the unique surface design.  Research shows and veterinarians agree that it’s the perfect “feeding prescription” that naturally slows eating, improves digestion, engages finicky eaters, reduces anxiety, helps overcome food aggression and engages all senses. Increase their enrichment for a healthier and more rewarding feeding experience!

The Pet Platter is perfect for all sorts of foods and treats including raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried, canned, dry and homemade.  It is 100% USA sourced and manufactured using a proprietary sustainable material naturally sourced from plant life that is both safe and non-toxic. The Pet Platter is dishwasher safe, BPA free, recyclable and nonporous for safe and convenient feeding—and is earth-friendly!

The Large mine Pet Platter works best for medium to large sized dogs who are eating medium to large sized bites. For a smaller dog, try the Small mine Pet Platter!

Think beyond the bowl!  Your pet will thank you!