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Digestion Support Powdered Mushroom Supplement

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Gut health is so important for a healthy pet. BIXBI'S Digestion Support Powdered Mushroom Supplement is a super blend of organic mushrooms that provide support for pets who suffer from gastrointestinal disturbances like gas, bad breath and loose stool from diet changes. Mushrooms contain alpha and beta glucans, polysaccharides and terpenes that help support healthy GI enzymes, a natural inflammatory response and immune system. USA Made & Sourced. Net wt. 2.12 oz.


Ingredients: Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Maitake, Organic Shiitake, Organic King Trumpet, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Oyster, Organic Coriolus Versicolor.

Directions for Use: Administer orally daily. 1/4 teaspoon (.5 grams) per 25 lbs.

Containers include a two-sided scoop. One side measures 1/4 teaspoon and the other measures 1/8 teaspoon.

Recommended: For better results, double dosage for the first 7 days. Mushroom supplements can be given during or after mealtime.