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About Our Sassafras

Early in 2012, we received a call from the Naperville Area Humane Society that this vivacious little girl would be the perfect new addition to our family.  We headed right over, and of course, instantly fell head-over-paws in love...Just look at that precious face - who wouldn't?


Since "Sassy" was the first true puppy we'd ever adopted, we got some valuable firsthand lessons that included

  • The ongoing joys of potty training

  • The shockingly vast amount of household items and home furnishings that can double as a chew

  • What happens when a puppy chews apart a marker and drags it though the house

  • And the surprising number of times sheer cuteness can actually get someone out of trouble. 

While Beamer is trying hard to pick up on her techniques, Sassy has also taught us that attitude really does mean everything!