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About Our Beamer

We found this fetching boy on - and we have found out that he truly earned his name because of his energy level . . . it's like living with a laser beam(er)!


As he's half-Boston, half-Pug, that technically makes Beamer a "Bug." But "Two Bostons and a Bug" seemed like a pretty bizarre name for a pet store, so we kept the name the same...and Beamer got to keep on being his cute, irrepressible self. 


Beamer has arguably taught us more than any of our pets due to his energy level.  He's bright, alert, energetic, and extremely tenacious - which means he can get into some naughty predicaments.  He knows his name well - his curious streak causes us to say (and sometimes bellow) it often!


Every day, he teaches us about the importance of patience and persistence.  In addition, endless playful streak makes him the official Two Bostons toy tester!