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Large mine Pet Platter

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Dogs love to exercise their problem-solving skills with their natural instinct for food foraging, and they just aren't getting that opportunity with that plain old steel bowl. We put so much thought into what we feed our pets, but how we feed them matters, too! With the Original mine Pet Platter by Our Pet Project, you can give your dog a more natural experience at dinnertime, and we promise it's just as convenient as a regular dish.

This revolutionary platter gives your pet their own clearly marked food territory in a color their eyes can see. Lay out your favorite healthy meal or treats within the scoops in the center and in the hunting trail on the outside. Use dry, canned, raw, refrigerated, or home cooked food. You can even do all your usual prep work on the platter itself as it's knife-friendly.

Watch them explore, lick, and savor! The platter's design forces dogs to slow down as they chow down. These more natural and healthier eating habits help your pet avoid the health issues associated with rapid eating; no more coughing, choking, gulping, or gagging. Plus the low sides of the mat makes your dog feel more secure about their meal, so there's no more carrying bits of kibble off to eat on (and get lost in) their bed. When all the food has been discovered, simply toss it in the dishwasher like any other dish.

Your dog will love the challenge and reward of getting all their favorite food out of every nook. So pick out a nutritious meal and serve it up on the perfect platter that's just for them!

The Large mine Pet Platter works best for medium to large sized dogs who are eating medium to large sized bites. For a smaller dog, try the Small mine Pet Platter!

The Original mine Pet Platter is made of THRIVEÖ, which is a food safe, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe thermoplastic composite. It's reinforced with highly purified cellulose fiber from responsibly-grown US trees. This incredibly strong and durable material is also recyclable!