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When your dog is your Valentine, but their breath is unkissable…

When your dog is your Valentine, but their breath is unkissable…

When your dog is your Valentine, but their breath is unkissable…
We’re crushing on Bocce’s Bakery Dental Bars to keep your pups sloppy smooches minty fresh.

Ever notice when you take your furry friend to the vet, one of the things they always check is your pet's teeth? It’s not simply out of curiosity if your pup has good brushing and flossing habits, dogs teeth actually tell a lot about their health.

Just like going to the dentist and making sure our pearly whites are in great condition, our dogs' oral hygiene is just as important, and not just so your dog doesn’t clear out a room with their stinky breath. Not only is the plaque buildup on Rover’s teeth gross, it can have serious impacts on his health. 

Here’s how:
  • Have you ever had a sore tooth? If so, you know how much that impacts your life and well-being. The pain can lead to overall lessened quality of life, not getting the proper nutritional needs due to loss of appetite and ability to chew.

  • Untreated dental plaque can lead to an array of long term health issues including heart problems, gut problems, and even organ failure. If this bad bacteria doesn’t get treated, it can enter the bloodstream and spread to other parts of the body, causing serious health issues and even a large vet bill. Did you know that many vets who notice a heart murmur in dogs recommend additional tooth cleanings to rule this out as a cause?

  • Dental cleanings at the vet can be costly and risky. No one wants to put their pet under anesthesia unless absolutely necessary, and these cleanings can clear out your wallet costing upwards of $500. 
So how do we help keep our dogs' mouths fresh and clean? Prevention is more affordable and manageable than treatment in the long run. Here are some of our favorite products to keep you from pinching your nose every time your pup smothers you in kisses.
  1. There is a lot of controversy about whether or not we should allow our dogs bones. While some of them can cause stomach upset or choking hazards, there are many safe options including our favorite, Tuckers Frozen Bones! Not only does your dog go back to their primal roots when getting a high quality bone, the act of chewing and scraping their teeth against it can actually clean the plaque off their teeth. Try looking at their teeth before and after having a bone and you may be shocked at how much cleaner their mouth is. 

  2. Surprise your pooch with Bocce's Bakery Dental Bars! Not only does the unique shape and texture of the dental bar reach those tricky spots that trap plaque,  the ingredients are clean and worry free, which will leave your dog with fresh and lick-approved breath. No more flinching when they’re trying to show their love with a sloppy smooch! 

  3. Last, but not least, Skout's Honor Dental Wipes. Have you ever tried to put a toothbrush in your pets mouth? This often ends up disastrous! These tooth and gum wipes are a much quicker and comfortable way to “brush” their teeth without them getting feisty! 

By checking out some of our natural fresh breath products, your pets sloppy smooches will be way more tolerable! 
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