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Try Something New This Year - FUNctional Toppers

Try Something New This Year - FUNctional Toppers

If you are already feeding your dog or cat a complete and balanced raw food diet, good for you and plenty good for your cat and dog! But are you in a feeding rut?  Do you run into your pet supply store, grab a bag or two of freeze-dried raw and a frozen bag, chat with the clerk as you pay and dash out?  Sure, we all have those hectic days when a quick trip is all we can manage at the pet store, but if that is your regular pattern, you may be missing out on some valuable new products. Let me introduce you to some of my pet’s favorites.

The concept of adding a topper to your pet’s food to make it more palatable is not new. However, making the toppers tasty and adding a functional nutritional value is genius. Northwest Naturals has designed seven toppers which we call FUNctional Toppers as they make your pet’s dinner more fun to eat and sneak in extra healthy ingredients as well. I know it’s hard for some of us, but we need to try to be smarter than our pets.  Owners of Belgian herding dogs and Australian Cattle Dogs, good luck with that. But I digress, let’s get back to FUNctional toppers.  Here is our flavorful selection:

CHICKEN BREAST + NEW ZEALAND GREEN MUSSELS– a favorite for both cats and dogs, this formula helps reduce inflammation and is reported to lessen arthritis symptoms.

BEEF LIVER + TUMERIC – my dogs will not take turmeric any other way than in this topper, and turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with heart healthy properties.

SALMON + SHIITAKE & MAITAKE MUSHROOMS —  popular for cats and dogs, this formula contains two of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms. Both mushrooms are noted for immune strengthening, natural vitamin B content, regulating blood sugar and they have an earthy, savory flavor that is appealing to pets.

GOAT CHEESE – this yummy topper gives our pets a bone-friendly calcium boost for healthier bones, teeth and organ support.

WHOLE EGG – containing almost every nutrient the body needs, eggs are rich in the hard-to-source omega-3 fatty acids plus numerous vitamins and minerals.

BEEF BLOOD – although it may sound kind of gross, this is my dog’s absolute, paws down favorite topper and cats like it, too. Blood is packed with protein, hard-to-source natural Vitamin D and minerals (especially high in iron).  The proteins in beef blood help oxygenate the body, making it especially valuable for hard working, athletic pets.

These toppers can certainly make meal times more fun for your pets by giving them a variety of different tastes and smells. And only you and I have to know that they are also eating something with great health benefits. The FUNctional Topper shaker containers are easy to use, and I keep three on hand so rotation is simple. If you have picky eaters, using toppers can be especially helpful to keep them interested. Here’s wishing you and your pets a healthy, happy and adventurous 2024!


Author: Carol Kendig | Northwest Naturals 

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