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Shopping Spree - Week #6

Shopping Spree - Week #6

Keep your eyes on the prize (or prizes) as we head into Week 6 of our annual shopping spree! 

From now until September 4th,  play for a chance to win a $500 shopping trip to Two Bostons and deck your fur-baby out with the best. While there’s no purchase necessary to win, you can earn more chances with every purchase from our favorites list. Learn more about the rules and guidelines for our shopping spree here

Now, let’s dig into our Week 6 picks: 

Northwest Naturals Fresh & Freeze Dried Food 

Let your pet run on the wild side and taste what we humans eat! Northwest Naturals Fresh & Freeze-Dried Food provides their meals in a human kitchen with human-grade ingredients, such as cantaloupe, carrots, and broccoli. Plus, each serving offers a boost of protein while remaining grain and legume free!

Try them for yourself!  August 15th - 21st, take $10 OFF your purchase. 



Fromm Treats

As your pup would attest, there is no such thing as too many snack options! We recommend Crunchy-O's from Fromm when they’re looking for something with a little extra crunch. This bite-size, low-calorie option is the perfect treat to keep them on their toes during a training session or for those “just because” moments. In addition, each serving offers natural ingredients, making them a guilt-free choice! 

Take a bag (or four) home with you! This week, enjoy 50% OFF your purchase.


GoGo Turkey Tendons 

It’s near impossible to beat a craving! When your fur-baby starts giving you “the eyes,” grab a bag of GoGo Turkey Tendons. This chewy tendon is 100% natural and sourced in the U.S.A. To top it off, they keep their products grain-free and stay away from antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives! 

Give them a go! Enjoy 20% OFF your order. 


SmallBatch Pets Freeze-Dried Bites 

Add a little goodness to their day! A fan-favorite amongst our four-legged friends is SmallBatch Pets Freeze-Dried Bites. Each serving begins with a single-sourced protein, paired with fresh vegetables and herbs for added nutrients. Trust us, this tasty combination will have them licking their paws for more! 

See for yourself! This week, take $2 OFF your purchase. 



The best type of therapy is CocoTherapy! We recommend using CocoTherapy coconut oil or chips to keep our pets feeling their best. Each of their products offers an array of health benefits, such as improving their digestion, boosting immunity, and protecting their pearly whites! Plus, their 100% pure, human-grade ingredients ensure they get the quality they deserve!

Give it a shot! Enjoy 20% OFF their Coconut Oil (8 oz and 16 oz) and Coconut Chips.

Shop in-store or online at
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