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Shopping Spree - Week #4

Shopping Spree - Week #4

We’re coming back for seconds (or fourths) as we head into Week 4 of our annual shopping spree! 

From now until September 4th, try your luck! Enter for a chance to win a $500 shopping trip to Two Bostons that’ll keep those tails wagging. While there’s no purchase necessary to win, you can earn more chances with every purchase from our favorites list, which we’ll be sharing with you weekly. Learn more about the rules and guidelines for our shopping spree here

Now, let’s dive into our Week 4 picks:

Rawbble Food: Freeze-Dried

While pouring food into their bowls, you may be wondering if it’s the best thing for them. Thankfully, Rawbble keeps our minds at ease! Their recipe is designed to keep them fuller for longer with added nutrients that don’t get lost in the cooking process. What more could you ask for?

Give them a try this week! For our pooches, save $3 OFF (small bags), $5 OFF (medium bags), or $7 OFF (large bags). 

And we didn’t forget our feline friends! Get $2 OFF (small) or $4 OFF (large) your purchase. 


Primal Bowl Boosters

It’s time to top things off! One of our favorite brands, Primal, offers a great source of nutrition that’ll give your pet the boost they need while preventing aches and pains down the road. And with the ease of adding them on top of their already delicious meal, you can’t go wrong!

Add them to their diet this week! Get $2 OFF (16 oz) or $3 OFF (32 oz) of raw goat milk, $4 OFF (32 oz) of flavored goat milk (Blueberry, Cranberry, Green Goodness, Pumpkin Spice), and $3 OFF (16 oz) or $4 OFF (32 oz) of the fresh toppers. 



Is it S-N-A-C-K time? We recommend serving Plato when that magical time comes around. Each bite is packed with flavor that’ll make their taste buds sing! Plus, they’re not all about looks (or taste). Every serving offers hearty nutrients, such as added EPA and DHA to support healthy brain function, so you never have to worry about over-indulging! 

Switch them out and see a difference! Beginning Monday, August 1st - August 7th, get  $3 OFF each bag. 


Himalayan Chews 

Whether you’ve got a new pup on your hands or a trouble-maker who finds your shoes a little too appealing, we’ve got just the thing to divert their attention! Himalayan Chews offer a savory treat filled with light nutrients for chewers of all strengths. As a bonus, they help keep those teeth in tip-top shape! 

Enjoy 20% OFF your purchase this week.



Weruva - Wet Dog Food 

During the summer heat, we’re always looking for ways to keep our pooches hydrated! A favorite amongst our four-legged guests is Weruva. Their savory and juicy recipe is packed with natural ingredients that come from cage-free farms. Trust us, they’ll be licking their chops after just one taste! 

Stock up and save this week! Beginning Monday, August 1st-7th, get 20% OFF your purchase. 


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