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Shopping Spree - Week #1

Shopping Spree - Week #1

Let the fun BEGIN! Our 7th Annual Shopping Spree begins Monday, July 11th, and continues through Sunday, September 4th. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to win a $500 shopping excursion to Two Bostons! Plus, we have over 240 prizes to give away! 

To add to the fun, we’ll be featuring five products and what we love about them! While there’s no purchase necessary to win, you can earn more chances to win with every purchase of these items. Learn more about the rules and guidelines for our shopping spree here

Let’s dive into Week 1 with our current picks:

Fromm Kibble

Like most kids, it may be tough to get our fur babies to eat their veggies! Thankfully, Fromm packs in fruits and vegetables into every bite….without them noticing. Featuring an array of flavors packed with nutrients, you never have to worry they’ll grow tired of dinner. On top of that, it offers heart and digestion support!

Try them for yourself this week and save! Beginning Monday, July 11th, 2022 get $5, $7, or $10 OFF your purchase.  





Steve’s Raw

If you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, grab a box of Steve’s Raw Food the next time you stop in! Each bite contains organic fruits and vegetables, along with a touch of goat’s milk for an extra boost of nutrients. Plus, you never have to guess where it’s coming from. Each box is sourced from trusted, family-owned farms, so paw-rents can rest easy and know that their baby (or babies) are getting the best! 

There’s no better time to fill their bowls! Get $6 OFF your purchase of 9.75 Ib or 13.5 Ib boxes until Sunday, July 17th, 2022.



Cloud Star Treats

Did someone say snack time? Next time you pull out “that” jar, give them something to dance about! One of our all-time favorite brands - Cloud Star - has biscuits and treats for pooches of all sizes. To make them more delicious, each flavor is packed with nutrients with their health in mind…making it easier to give in to the puppy-dog eyes! 

This week, grab a box (or three) and save! Get $1 OFF small bags or boxes, and $2 OFF large bags or boxes.



Barkworthies Collagen Chews 

Not the shoes! We’ve all come home to find our newest pair of heels sporting some bite marks. Before your next pair goes missing, switch their attention to Barkworthies Collagen Chews! The delicious taste and toughness will keep your pet entertained for hours. Plus, each of their chews contains nutritional benefits that support joint and coat health! 

Stock up this week with our Buy One, Get One sale…trust us, you’ll want a few of these on hand!



KOHA Cans & Pouches 

Nothing tastes better than fresh! A fan favorite amongst our customers is KOHA. Whether you choose a can or pouch, each package includes a variety of ingredients that add up to a balanced meal. Plus, they make it easy to keep an eye on your pet’s health. Each product is geared towards specific issues - picky eating, weight management, and digestion issues to name a few! 

What do you have to lose? Give them a try this week and get 20% OFF your purchase.


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