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Tips for a Safe Howl-O-Ween With Your Dog

Tips for a Safe Howl-O-Ween With Your Dog

Halloween is creeping up, and it's not just for humans to enjoy! Our furry friends can have a spooky good time too, as long as we keep their safety in mind. Here are some bite-sized tips to ensure your dog's Halloween is a treat, not a trick. 

1. Comfy Costumes: Dressing up your dog is a blast, but remember, comfort is key. Ensure their costume allows them to move and breathe freely. Remember, your pup needs to wag their tail and move freely. Avoid costumes with small, chewable parts that could become choking hazards. Opt for simple, safe, and adorable outfits.

2. Pumpkin Precautions: Carved pumpkins are a Halloween staple, but they can be tempting to your pup. While we love adding an appropriate amount of pumpkin to our pets' diets, too many pumpkin seeds and pulp can upset your dog's stomach, so keep these out of reach and dispose of them properly.

3. Trick-or-Treating Time: While trick-or-treating is fun, it can stress your dog with the crowds and costumes. Keep Halloween candies away from them, as many are toxic. If you do bring them along, ensure they are comfortable in a leash and harness and keep a watchful eye on them. Remember, not all dogs are social butterflies, and it's okay to leave them at home with a special treat while you go out for candy.

4. Create a Safe Space: If you're hosting a Halloween party or have spooky decorations, consider your dog's comfort. Create a safe space away from the action with their favorite toys and a cozy bed.

5. Evening Walk Awareness: Halloween nights can be dark and noisy, which may startle your pup. Use reflective gear to keep them visible and consider a warm costume or sweater for chilly weather.

6. Tasty Treats: Halloween treats are a must, but keep them dog-safe. Avoid chocolate, xylitol, and raisins. Opt for special doggy treats or homemade goodies with pet-friendly ingredients.

With these quick tips, you and your dog can have a safe and memorable Halloween. Let the Halloween howls and woofs begin!

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