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My House Smells like DOG!

My House Smells like DOG!

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and got smacked in the face with some weird dog odors? It happens to all of us! While our dogs tend to love their stink, they can't understand why we don't. Here are some hygiene tips to keep your pups smelling clean and fresh.

Top 5 Products for Smelly Pets

  1. Laundry Booster Stain & Oder Removal Additive - Skout’s Honor

This is a concentrated stain and odor remover that works with your regular detergent to tackle pet odors at the molecular level, leaving laundry cleaner and fresher. Removes stains & odors from urine, feces, blood, mud, vomit & sweat.


When you're in need of a nice aroma and gorgeous lamp all you need to do is start off with the Essential Round Lamp Starter Kit from Lampe Berger! This kit contains catalytic burner, a funnel, 180ml of So Neutral, and round Essential model. The Lampe Berger lamp purifies the air and gets rid of any sort of nasty odors. It also has a great design that is great for decorating any room! You can refill the lamp with all different kinds of scents that are available. So get fancy and fresh with the Essential Round Lamp Starter Kit!

  1. Buddy Wash Shampoo – Cloud Star

You'll know the difference the first time you snuggle with your furry friend after a bath. Harsh, alcohol-based shampoos can leave your pet's coat dry and irritated, but not Buddy Wash. Heal. Soothe. Moisturize. Rejuvenate. Your furry friend will thank you. Pure, natural ingredients with botanical extracts.

  1. Dog Wipes Lavender Scented – Earth Rated

Muddy paws, foul-smelling body rolls and poopy butts - messes happen.  Keep a pack of Earth Rated's Lavender Scented Wipes around to quickly clean up the messes dogs get into. Ultra soft and lightly scented wipes are gentle, perfectly sized and thick enough to take care of the grossest messes.  Keep a pack by the door and one in the car to keep your pooch clean and fresh.

  1. Digest All Plus – Wholisitc Pet

Say goodbye to smelly toots! When you want your pup to be getting all the nutrients it needs from its food, you need to use Digest All Plus! This supplement from Wholistic Pet contains super beneficial enzymes and probiotics that will aid your dog in absorbing essential nutrients. Add that dab of goodness for your dog’s digestion!

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