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How to Travel with Your Pets

How to Travel with Your Pets

It’s time to pack your bags! Whether it’s by car, plane, or train, we love to include our furry companions on family vacations….but it’s easy to forget a few things in the rush of excitement.

As we go through our checklist, it’s important to remember to pack a suitcase for them! To give you a head start, we created a list of items you may find helpful for the trip ahead:

Keep Them Safe

Protect your fur babies for the trip ahead! Many owners believe their dogs are safe in the car without any sort of restraint….but they need seatbelts, too! 

One of our trusted products, The Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Dog Car Harness, provides comfort through a padded chest plate and adjustable options for everyday use, along with a seatbelt tether attachment to keep them secure for the road ahead. 

If you’re planning to travel by plane, the Dogline Pet Carrier is a fan favorite amongst our smaller customers. The breathable mesh sides allow for airflow and visibility, so they don’t miss a moment of your adventures!

It’s Time for a Pit-Stop

Those mid-way gas stops are perfect for letting your fur-baby stretch their paws and take a much-needed potty break. The Earth Rated’s Unscented Poop Bags are a great product to have with you and with their 100% leak-proofed protection, you won’t have a mess on your hands! 

Before you grab refreshments at the gas station counter, pour a cold one for your co-pilot! The Fold-A-Bowl Pet Water Bottle from Flipo is a great option, especially on those hotter summer days. With its simple push-button mechanism, you’ll get water directly into the cover fold that acts as a water bowl. Your best friend will be able to re-hydrate with ease! 

Give ‘Em Something to Chew About

Our pets get antsy during longer trips and tend to project their frustration by acting out in not-so-great behaviors. We like to think of it as their version of “Mom, are we there yet?” 

Keep a few chews on hand to distract them from the road ahead! We recommend the Odor-Free Bully Sticks from Barkworthies. You’ll be sure to keep them happy and healthy with wholesome and nutritional ingredients! 

If you’ve got a tough chewer on your hands, the Himalayan Chews are a great alternative! The long-lasting and tasty chew is sure to keep their minds off the destination. Plus, they come in three sink-your-teeth-in flavors - Chicken, Bacon, and Peanut Butter! 

The choices are endless, but they can be overwhelming! Visit any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your pet.

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