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Beat the Summer Heat with Your Pets

Beat the Summer Heat with Your Pets

It’s officially Summer….and with it comes record-breaking temperatures! I'm sure you're wondering, "How do I keep my pets safe during these heat waves?" We're here to help!

Our pets need us to take precautions for them before venturing outdoors, too - and a bottle of sunscreen won't do! 

Here are some refreshing ideas for you to try: 

Cool at the Pool

Go ahead, dip your paws in! A quick splash in the pool is just the thing our pooches need to keep the summer heat at bay. Like us, they have a hard time adapting to the high temperatures and long exposure can lead to heat strokes or heat exhaustion.

One of our newer products can help them get much-needed time in the water! The DOOG Pop-Up Pool opens with a flick of the wrist and within minutes, you have a portable pool to keep them cool. We do have to warn you….they may not be able to contain their excitement and jump in before it's ready! 

Some dogs may not be fans of water (which can make bath time extra challenging). We recommend The Green Pet Shop’s Cooling Pet Pad if they prefer to stay on dry land. As soon as they lay down, the pressure-activated gel will release a cooling sensation and within no time, their body heat will reduce! 

Hydration is Key 

You may try to beat the heat by switching to an earlier morning or later evening W-A-L-K, but keeping water on hand is always a good idea! 

Before your next adventure, grab a water bottle for yourself and pick up the Fold-A-Bowl Pet Water Bottle from Flippo for your best friend. The cover folds up with a push of a button to create an easily accessible water bowl. Trust us, nothing taste better than a cold drink!

Dessert is Always the Answer

The next time you open your freezer for a refreshing treat, consider doing the same for your pup. Frozen products, such as dog-friendly ice cream, help keep them hydrated and cools them down from the inside out! 

The Cloud Star Iced Treats is one of our all-time favorites and come in two flavors - banana and peanut butter. The dairy-free iced treats are packed with probiotics and simple ingredients to keep your pet feeling their best while they indulge! 


The choices are endless, but they can be overwhelming! Visit any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your pet.

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