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Canophera: Natural Chewing Sticks

Canophera: Natural Chewing Sticks

Are you tired of your pup chewing on things that are not chew toys, or on chews that are made with unhealthy harmful chemicals? Dogs have a natural desire to chew, and Canophera is dedicated to providing man's best friend with sustainably sourced products to bring calm and pleasure to their everyday lives. 

Canophera's Coffee Wood Chew Sticks are made from the best materials available in nature, and do not harm the environment with its production process. Harder and more resilient that other woods, coffee wood is a natural byproduct of the coffee production process, so no tree is cut down just for chews! What could be better than a healthy, safe, durable chew that is also environmentally friendly? 

As the leading producer of natural dog chews made from sustainable sources, Canophera's Coffee Wood Chew Stick is 100% vegan and free of harmful additives. Odor free and made with only one ingredient, your dog will feel like they have received the greatest stick from nature ever!

The coffee wood chew stick provides constant activity and supports dental care with its fine wood fibers acting as a toothbrush while your dog chews! The coffee wood strengthens the dental muscles in your pup's mouth and promotes natural teeth cleaning.

These chews are: 

  • All natural
  • Long lasting
  • 0 calories
  • 0 caffeine
  • Nothing artificial 


Give your pet a sustainably sourced and healthy chew they are sure to enjoy with Canophera's Coffee Wood Chew Sticks! 

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