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BetterBone: Better For Dogs, Better For The Environment!

BetterBone: Better For Dogs, Better For The Environment!

Dogs who love to chew love BetterBone! Read on to find out about a chew that genuinely enhances your dog's well being and benefits our planet.

What is BetterBone?

Imagine a raw-hide free, nylon-free, all-natural, orally healthy bone that your pup can safely chew on without causing you to worry a wink! It's not just imagination any longer, because BetterBone has created the best chew for your dog and for the environment! 

So why BetterBone?

These chews are composed of all-natural, GMO-free cellulose and vegetable oils, and they are hypoallergenic and splinter resistant. BetterBone's unique formula empowers them to create chews in a variety of densities; from tough chewers to soft chewers, they have the perfect bone for your pup. 

All products by BetterBone are ethically sourced and packaged with mixed recycled materials, and do not contain plastics or adhesives. Much safer and healthier than chemical soaked alternative chews that splinter and can cause severe injury to your fur baby, BetterBone offers a safer and more satisfying chew. 

BetterBone's Classic Bone comes in a SOFT density, TOUGH density, and MEDIUM density, so you can find the perfect chew for your precious pup. Your pet will love the delicious all natural beef in these tasty chews. Their Classic Bone SOFT density is perfect for LIGHT chewers, like senior dogs and teething puppies.

For an aggressive and powerful chewer, try BetterBone's Classic Bone HARD density for durability.

Medium Density BetterBone Classic is perfect for medium to strong chewers, and will satiate your pup's need to chew. Take a look at the BetterBone Chew Meter below to see how these chews compare to other alternatives. 

Dental Benefits of BetterBone 

BetterBone Classic is the perfect density to protect and clean your dog's teeth. Innovative material allows your dog to satiate their need to chew while the teeth-cleaning nubs and ridges clean above the gum line and prevent build up of tartar, helping to stop bad breath and tooth decay. 

BetterBone chews are safe, healthy, and good for the environment; so what are you waiting for? Start making your pet's bones better today with BetterBone!  

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