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Are You Wearing the Right Harness?

Are You Wearing the Right Harness?

Believe it or not, harnesses are a common accessory that pet parents can overlook. Whether they take a one-size fits all approach or forgo it altogether, it’s easy to see how it can be brushed to the side or deemed unnecessary.

The purpose of a harness is to reduce pulling and decrease the stress they feel on their joints, but if they’re sporting one that doesn’t fit just right, it could lead to problems down the road. 

Luckily, ensuring they’re getting the right fit at home is easy! Follow along as we break down a few of our popular harnesses and how you can fit your pooch properly :

Vest Harnesses

A vest harness looks exactly how it sounds! Its chest piece sits on top of your pet’s sternum while the adjustable straps wrap around their torso for a custom fit. The pressure from their leash is distributed evenly across their chest to reduce soreness or injury. 

While a vest harness is a popular option, it’s best for pups who walk alongside their humans rather than pull on their leash. One of our favorites is The Worthy Dog Sidekick Harness Vest. The material is made with a flexible padded mesh that's soft, strong, and breathable. Plus, the Velcro and front snap keep everything secure!


No-Pull Harnesses

If you’ve got an explorer on your hands, a no-pull solution is the way to go! The straps offer a secure and comfortable fit that keeps them at your side. If they do veer off to stop and smell the flowers, the harness will gently lead them back to you without causing strain on their joints. 

A fan-favorite amongst our four-legged guests is the 2 Hounds Freedom No-Pull Harness. The chest strap is lined with a velvet material to prevent chafing and rubbing along with four adjustment points for a one-of-a-kind fit. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

Simplicity is key when it comes to making sure our pooches are wearing the correct size! Grab a tape measure to gently take their measurements around the neck (just below their collar) and chest. 

Once you’ve jotted those numbers down, you’ll be able to get their correct size by looking at the product’s size guide. Another good indicator that they’re wearing the right size is by their weight. As a final touch, place two fingers underneath the harness to make sure it's a comfortable fit!


Still not sure? Visit any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you with a complimentary harness fitting.


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