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5 Ways to Amp Up Your Walks

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Walks

“Walk” is one of the most meaningful words in your pup’s vocabulary... But, like most things, they can become stale after a while if you stick to the same-old-same-old routine. 

In preparation for the cooler days where we can spend more time outside, we’ve rounded up some ideas on how you can add excitement to their day as they get their daily dose of Vitamin D. 

Here are five ways you can keep them on their toes: 


Bring A Friend

As they say, the more the merrier! The next time you grab their leash, invite a friend (or two) to join you on your adventure. Your pup will not only enjoy the extra companionship, but it’ll add to their excitement. Plus, you can ask your friend to choose the path you take to switch things up! 


Take A Detour

Add the park to your route! Before you head home, get out any last-minute zoomies with an impromptu fetch session. The endurance-building game will keep their endorphins and spirits high! We do have to warn you that they may beg for “just five more minutes”. 

If you’re looking for a light and easy toy to bring, we recommend the Canine Hardware Chuck-It Kick Fetch. The soccer-ball-sized ball includes deep rivets in its sturdy material, making it easier for your dog to grab onto as they bring the toy back for another round of fetch! 

Another alternative would be the West Paw Design Sailz Dog Toy. The interactive toy is made with safe, non-toxic materials and its unique shape makes it easy for your pet to grab and hold. To top it off, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning! 


Let Them Be the Navigator

Often, we’re the ones calling all the shots! Take a step back and let your pooch be the one to take the lead on where you go. When given the choice, they will have a bit more pep in their step as they explore whatever’s around the corner (or at the next fire hydrant).  

If you’re worried about them becoming a little too adventurous, we recommend Ruffwear's Roamer Dog Leash. Its versatile and adjustable stretch-webbing material is built to last. Plus, it can be held or worn around the waist for easy comfort while making sure your fur-baby doesn’t explore too far! 


Put Their Skills to the Test 

An outdoor space is a perfect place to practice obedience training. The new sounds and smells can be a bit of a distraction, making them work harder to concentrate on the task at hand. 

The Premier Clik-R Training Clicker is a great option to keep in your pocket. The easy-to-press button will notify your fur-baby of their progress….and that a treat is on the way!

Speaking of treats, we recommend using Plato’s Small Bites for training. The tasty bites come in two flavors - Duck & Chicken - and are made with organic ingredients, making them an easy choice! 


Add A Change of Pace

Who said you had to walk? Add them as your running partner the next time you lace up your shoes! The difference in speed will keep them entertained as they work to keep up with you, and you’ll also foster a stronger bond by including them in your daily activities. 

The choices are endless, but they can be overwhelming! Visit any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your pet.

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