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5 Benefits to Freeze-Dried Products for Dogs

5 Benefits to Freeze-Dried Products for Dogs

“What is freeze-dried?” - if you ask this question, look no further! Freeze-drying is a technique that manufacturers of canines (and humans) use to preserve raw and natural nutrients. Typically, all the moisture is vacuum-removed through freezing temperatures before going through a multi-step drying process, resulting in a lightweight, healthy shelf-stable. 

In addition, they are offered in a variety of flavors for both food and treats

To dig a bit deeper, we’ve rounded up five benefits of freeze-dried products and why you may want to add them to your fur baby’s diet:

Minimal Processing & Preserves Nutrients 

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. Well, the same is true for our furry companions! Overly processed foods and treats can wreak havoc on sensitive tummies and can cause health complications down the road. 

Fortunately, freeze-dried diets are a simple and healthy alternative! Each formula is created with high-quality, organic ingredients that maintain its natural proteins and nutrients. Trust us, even the pickiest of eaters will be asking for seconds! 

Improves Dental Hygiene 

Let’s be honest - our fur kids hate brushing their teeth almost as much as our human kids do! To keep them from getting fussy, switch their diet to frozen and freeze-dried options. The natural enzymes help break down the biofilm caused by bacteria. In other words, it’ll keep plaque and tartar build-up to a minimum! 

Longer Shelf-Life

Most of the time, we must be mindful of how much food we buy and use. With freeze-dried foods, it’s okay to stock up! Freeze-dried products typically last on the shelf for two to five years and never have to see the inside of a refrigerator, making them as convenient as dry kibble. 

We do have to warn you that once the protective seal is opened and air flows through, it’s best to be used within a month.  But, we’re not worried it’ll go to waste! 

Improves Digestion

Whether you’re human or canine, upset stomachs are never fun! Try freeze-dried products to keep our fur friends happy, healthy, and ready for the next adventure. Unlike processed kibble and other types of pet food, freeze-dried and raw products lock in natural nutrients and enzymes, which help regulate their digestive system and keep them feeling full! 

Healthier Skin & Coat

Keep them feeling good from the inside out! The raw nutrients in freeze-dried options contain oils and fatty acids that can improve the quality of your pet’s skin and give their coat a shiny finish. They’ll be sure to turn heads on their W-A-L-Ks!

The choices are endless, but they can be overwhelming! Visit any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your pet.

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