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5 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

It may come as a surprise, but coconut oil can benefit our pooches just as much as it helps us! To give you a quick run-down, coconut oil is an edible oil that is high in saturated fat, lauric acid, and medium-chain triglycerides. All these ingredients work together to promote health benefits, so your fur-baby can go on to lead their best life! 

Paws down, the best coconut oil we've found is CocoTherapy’s Coconut Oil, which is a 100% pure, human-grade, organic option, so you never have to sacrifice quality. 

Follow along as we unpack the benefits and why you should add it to your pet’s daily regime: 

Improve Digestion & Sensitive Stomachs

Our pets find a snack in almost anything….it isn’t until later they wonder why their tummy isn't feeling the greatest. If you’ve got a sensitive stomach to tend to, include some coconut oil along with a natural probiotic in their diet. It can help soothe their digestive system, heal symptoms from inflammatory disorders, and aid in nutrient absorption. Trust us, they’ll feel like themselves in no time! 

Increase Energy Levels

It’s normal to feel sluggish at times, but if it becomes a regular occurrence for your best friend, they could need a boost! Coconut oil offers a natural remedy to fight low energy levels and help them lose weight. The natural nutrients provided in every serving can promote a healthy metabolism, which in turn sheds those extra pounds. We’re sure your next vet visit will be a breeze! 

Aids Arthritis & Ligament Issues 

As we get older, aches and pains become a common occurrence. Unfortunately, our four-legged companions are not much different. If you’ve noticed that they don’t have the same amount of pep-in-their-step, they could be dealing with arthritis or ligament issues. To naturally relieve their pain so they can go back to living the active lifestyle they know and love, add some coconut oil to their diet! Its natural ingredients, including fatty acids, can improve their mobility and help reverse early damage caused by arthritis.

Soothes Skin Irritations 

Redness, itchiness, and bumps….oh my! Like us, our pets' skin needs to stay hydrated to avoid itchy, dry patches that can develop into serious skin infections. When applied topically in small doses, coconut oil can reduce inflammation while improving your pet’s skin and giving their coat a glossy, sleek finish. As a bonus, it can be used to soothe dry paws (especially on those hot, summer days)!

Eliminates Bad Breath 

It’s no secret we love our pets….their stinky doggy breath? Not so much. If you’ve tried countless kinds of toothpaste and dental chews with no success, give coconut oil a go! Its natural ingredients can help fight bad breath when used to brush their teeth. We recommend incorporating this slowly into their dental routine to avoid an upset tummy!

The choices are endless, which is great for variety! Visit any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your pet.

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