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2023 Shopping Spree Week #6

2023 Shopping Spree Week #6

Treat! Food! Chews! It's all here on Week 6 of this year's Shopping Spree (August 14-20, 2023). For details on all the ways (no purchase necessary) for your chance to be entered to win one of seven $500 Shopping Sprees, visit

Check out all the amazing featured items this week:


The Honest Kitchen Clusters 

These baked whole food clusters take meal time to a new level! This crunchy goodness is slowly baked, keeping the amazing nutrition in the bag. The next time supper rolls around, fill their bowls with The Honest Kitchen Clusters. Warning: they just might beg for more!

Don’t miss out! Get $5 OFF Small Bags & Small Breed or $10 OFF Large Bags


Fromm Treats

Perfect for all the good dogs on your list, Crunchy O's make great training treats or just-because treats. This bite-size, low-calorie option comes in seven different flavors to keep treat time interesting. In addition, each serving offers natural ingredients, making them a guilt-free choice! 

Take a bag (or four) home with you! This week, enjoy 50% OFF your purchase.

Primal Frozen Food

Let your pets connect with their primal side with Primal Frozen Diets! With ethically raised meat, organic produce, and no synthetic vitamins, this is a fantastic way to feed your pets. 

This week, get $5 off 3 & 4 lb bags and $7 off 6lb bags.

No-Hide Chews

Made with simple real ingredients, these chews are amazingly tasty! We all know a busy dog is a happy dog, and you can feel great about giving your dogs these long-lasting chews. No-Hides are created with limited and sustainable ingredients. Available in several sizes and flavors.

Grab a few new flavors this week and enjoy 25% OFF your purchase.

Fussie Cat Food & Treats

Another meal bites the dust! If you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, turn to Fussie Cat’s Food & Treats. Their recipe is tailored to attract even the most stubborn of eaters with its high-quality protein and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. In addition, they remain grain-free to keep those tummies happy!

Try them for yourself! This week, get 20% OFF. 

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