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Qwizl Puzzle Toy

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The concept of treat plus toy should automatically equal awesome! But sometimes, dogs just don't get how they're supposed to go about this whole treat-dispensing puzzle toy thing, and dejectedly leave those toys on the floor.

The Qwizl is a great puzzle toy that keeps your pup engaged without asking for rocket science. You can slip a bully stick in it longways, or a biscuit in through the side slits, or even stuff it with kibble. The treat stays put within the gripping ridges of the Qwizl until your pup slowly works it out of there; that lets them savor their treat longer, which is easier on your wallet. This also keeps their mind healthily stimulated (and out of mischief!).

If your doggie keeps at it, they'll get something out of it. That makes it great especially for dogs who are just starting out with treat dispensing toys, and those who've been frustrated and discouraged by more complicated puzzle toys in the past.

Even without treats inside, the Qwizl is fun to roll around on the floor or throw in the air for fetch; it floats, it bounces, and its shape is easy for even smaller dogs to get a grip on and carry it around, or for any dog to hold it still between their front paws. Plus, it's one of the most durable toys we've come across, even for strong chewers. When you’re done just throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean.

We love that West Paw makes their toys in the USA, and has a one-time replacement guarantee. Their Zogoflex® material is recyclable, latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, and FDA compliant (it’s safe to eat off of).

So get your paws on a Qwizl for puzzling fun that lasts and lasts!