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All You Need Is Love Poochie Bells

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You tell us, when your doggy needs to go out and doo-doo…would you rather hear persistent barking, wimpering and scratching…or would you like to hear the unobtrusive jingle of Poochie Bells?

All dog owners have a story or two when it comes to potty training, and most of them involve permanent damage done to flooring or doorframes, or other unfortunate realities. Poochie Bells are designed to hang over any door handle in any room, and adjust high or low enough for any dog to reach them. The idea is to make housebreaking as accident and stress free as possible for both you and your piddling pal. These bells truly work.

Two sets of replaceable bells hang from a strong, durable ribbon, and when rung, will alert you when your canine needs to hit the can. Ribbons are interchangeable and come in a variety of complimenting prints and colors to fit your home decor and your dog's personality. A pamphlet of training tips is included to aid you in making the most out of this brilliant invention!