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Medium Dog Sudoku Genie Color

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Is your genius pup up for a challenge? My Intelligent Pets Sudoku Genius Medium is an interactive wooden puzzle with 15 moving tiles! The dimples under the tiles are the perfect size to hide freeze-dried treats or training treats for your pup to sniff out. The movable pieces can be pushed around with a paw or a snout but don't worry, no pieces come off of this puzzle! Also works great for slowing down those fast eaters. Measure out your dog’s kibble and place it in the puzzle!  Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for canines. Rotating through the multiple levels and styles of the My Intelligent Pets puzzle toys and using a diverse rotation of treats will keep your pup entertained and their minds sharp! This game size is ideal for medium to large size breeds.

Size: 15" x 15" x 2"