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About Our Daisy

Shortly after adopting Roscoe, we found out Boston Terriers were like potato chips - you can't just have one!  In 2003, we adopted Daisy as his sister after she'd been given up for adoption after a litter of 7 puppies.



Daisy was a wonderful mother to those pups, and she was a nurturing mother hen to our children, as well as our other pets (in particular, Roscoe and Beamer have seemed to need more than their fair share of minding).


From Daisy, we learned to enjoy the little things - during quiet times, she loved to follow sunbeams across the floor and chase bunnies in the back yard. She's never, ever caught one...but every day, she helps remind us that what really matters in life is simply running a good race.


While Daisy didn't have health problems like our Roscoe, she showed us the impact of feeding a high-quality diet can have on maintaining her vitality and energy, all the way until her 14th Birthday in 2014.  Enjoying her role as pup-matriarch right up to the end, she even found time to play with the cats!


A Few of Daisy's Favorite Things