Many of you are familiar with collagen from face masks and beauty supplements, but did you know it does more than make your skin look good? Believe it or not, collagen is the most abundant protein found in mammals. It’s a connective tissue that makes up 25% - 35% of our whole-body protein content. In short: it’s important!! Like anything, our bodies need a little extra help from outside sources when it comes to producing enough to keep us healthy, and our pets are no exception. Part of what makes us age is a decline in collagen—it’s the reason we get wrinkles or develop joint pains—which is why you see so many beauty products advertising collagen boosts. Think of it sort of as nature’s fountain of youth. Before you run out to get collagen supplements for yourself, let’s talk about why it’s a must for all of our furry friends. Yes, our dogs and cats stay cute forever, but remember, collagen goes more than skin deep.   

Joint pain is one of the most common issues in pets as they age, which is due to their depleting levels of collagen. Their connective tissues have a tough time moving properly which can lead to loss of mobility and discomfort. Giving them a collagen boost early in life is a great way to prevent it! You’ll also find that your pet’s coat and nails stay healthier longer. This is especially important for cats who rely on their nails for climbing, hunting (even if it’s just their toys), and playing!    

A healthy digestive system is another benefit collagen has to offer. It essentially “seals and heals” the protective lining in their stomachs, meaning their bodies can better break down and absorb all the healthy vitamins and minerals from their food. And yes. All of this goes for humans, too!    

One of the best parts about collagen, though (at least from your pet’s perspective) is that it tastes great! Since it’s an abundant protein in mammals, carnivores, like cats and dogs, mostly get it from meat, organs, and, most importantly, bone. It’s one of the many reason we encourage people to add bone broth to their pet’s routine. Brands like Primal carry a line of tasty broths made from gently simmered protein bones. The heat from the water absorbs the collagen (and flavor) found within the bones, creating a super healthy, super tasty meal additive or yummy snack.   



Chews are another easy way to get your pet some extra collagen. Our personal favorites are long-lasting beef sticks that are specially formulated to be jam-packed with easily digestible, all-natural collagen. They come in two different sizes of plain and peanut butter varieties your pup is sure to go nuts over. That also means the more your dog chews, the healthier they’ll be in the long-run!  


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