Those of us who have dogs have probably been gifted a rawhide before. After all, they are one of the most popular dog chews on the market. Unfortunately, while they’re the most popular, they can also be one of the most dangerous. Since your pet's safety is a priority here at Two Bostons,  it’s likely you’ve heard us talk about it before and maybe we’ve even helped you make the switch! Read on to learn why swapping to a non-rawhide chew could be one of the best decisions for you and your pet.   

Most rawhides are made from by-products of split-hooved animals like pigs and cows. The hides are sent to facilities where they’re distributed and soaked in a chemical bath to remove any remaining hair or impurities. Then they go through ANOTHER chemical bath to split the hide so the “nice” top part can go to make things like purses, wallets, and shoes, while the “unwanted” parts go to make chews for dogs. To make matters worse, many popular rawhide brands originate in China, where livestock doesn’t have the same health regulations as other parts of the world, meaning the hide could possibly even come from a diseased animal.     

Once the hides have gone through even more chemical processing and preservation (often using things like formaldehyde, bleach, and arsenic) , it’s eventually shaped and covered in a layer of artificial coloring to give it a more “natural” look. If that still isn’t enough to persuade someone to make the switch, then show them this YouTube video. It demonstrates how by boiling a standard rawhide found at a chain pet store, you can make industrial strength glue. Yes, you heard us right, all the YouTuber did was boil the “bones” in water! We don’t know about you, but that’s definitely something we don’t want our dogs chewing on.  


On top of the icky chemicals are all the fatal health problems rawhides can cause once they start to break down. Dogs commonly choke on bits of rawhide, cut their mouth on sharp edges, or even swallow chunks that require surgery to remove since their bodies can’t digest all those chemicals! “Flat faced” breeds are especially susceptible to this.     

Thankfully there are so many safe alternatives to rawhides that you might get a little overwhelmed with all the options! That’s where our Two Bostons Team can help. Bully sticks are always a great place to start, especially because (unlike rawhides) many of the types we carry are odor-free! But during this festive time of year, we suggest you check out the No-Hide Feast by Earth Animal! These hand-rolled chews are made in the USA from all-natural, human-grade ingredients. They’re one of our most popular chews all year, but the limited “ The Feast” variety is made with fun holiday flavors like pumpkin, cranberry, and turkey. That means while you’re sitting down to your own holiday feast, your pup can join in with you without eating scraps from the table!   


No-hides come in three different sizes, so your dog can find a perfect fit no matter their breed…but the best part is that they’re perfectly sized for stocking stuffers. Land yourself a spot on the Nice List for life by saving a little space in Santa’s bag and grabbing them in-store or online at!