How many of us love munching on a tasty cracker or biting into our favorite chips? There’s something about a good crunch that makes things just a little more fun, and it turns out, our dogs feel the same way! It’s one of the reasons they love chowing on chews or chomping on biscuit treats—that and, of course, the yummy flavors. At Two Bostons, we believe variety is the spice of life, which is why we're always looking for unique products for our customers' pets to enjoy!

Bixbi Bark Pops are the modern twist on a biscuit treat. What makes them stand out is their light, airy feel, making for an all-new crunchy, flavor-filled snacking experience! Bite-sized and jam-packed with real ingredients like white cheddar or rotisserie chicken, Bixbi Bark Pops are great for any sized mouth, and since they’re so airy (just like puffy Cheetos), even dogs who have a bit of trouble chewing love them!    

They’re made in the USA with 100% human-grade ingredients. Not only are they light in weight, but they’re also light in calories, making for a great guilt-free treat. Use them for training, or simply toss them in the air to test your pup’s catching skills. We also find that they're perfect for hiding pills, and they absorb supplement oils in a snap! We suggest trying out Earth Animal's Daily Immune Support oil to treat your dog to extra nutrients. The best part? For the month of May, 2020, we’re giving them out for FREE in our Goody Jars, so come on in, grab your freebies, and get ready to add new crunchy fun to your pet’s daily routine!