Here’s a fun fact: The Honest Kitchen was the FIRST EVER brand to coin the term “human-grade”! If you’re unfamiliar with what that means, it’s exactly how it sounds: every single ingredient is high enough quality to be used in human food, as well. But what exactly does that mean? Isn’t all meat good meat? Not exactly. A lot of protein used in Big Box pet food comes from what’s known as “4-D Meats” aka dead, dying, diseased, or disabled livestock. Definitely not something we want to eat, right? So then why would we be okay with letting our furry family eat it for every meal? That’s no reason to panic, though! If you shop at Two Bostons, you can rest assured that every single edible item we stock is totally human-grade.    

Now let’s talk one of our favorite human-grade products: Whole Food Clusters! No, it’s not a breakfast cereal, it’s the dry food your dog is about to become OBSESSED with. With the help of a veterinary nutritionist, The Honest Kitchen designed these tasty, minimally processed meals to be hearty, wholesome, and super healthy. Since they operate under the belief that clean ingredients = the only ingredients worthy of our furry friends, you won’t find any by-products, preservatives, GMO’s, or 4-D meats! Instead, you’ll see that each bite comes from ingredients sourced and prepped in the USA, in cold-pressed, small batches that gets gently roasted to create a get gently roasted. The final product? Nutritious, flavorful food with a satisfying crunch! Take a closer look and you’ll also find that you can literally see the yummy produce and proteins used—and no, there’s no microscope, magnifying glass, or squinting needed. The food is so minimally processed that you can see everything for yourself with your naked eye! It's more than just a gimmick. Whole foods in general are proven to retain more vitamins and nutrients which would otherwise get broken down the more they're processed—that’s part of the reason The Honest Kitchen cold presses their food before roasting it. It’s all to preserve as many nutrients as possible!  


There are three different proteins to choose from—beef, chicken, and turkey—and yes, they’re all super tasty, all grain-free, and all 100% meat first. Additionally, there are special chicken recipes made just for small breeds and puppies to make sure every canine companion can enjoy the best food human-grade has to offer!  


Ready to take your feeding game to the next level? Get The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters and tons of other amazing products in-store, over the phone, or online at!