May 1st marks the end of April showers and the beginning of May why not make a holiday out of it? At least, that's what went through the heads of many Europeans in the early 6th century, so they sat down and did just that: made a holiday! Of course, back then things were a little different. They celebrated spring for a week straight with feasts, dancing, and a giant pole they wrapped in intricate ribbon and flowers (known as a Maibaum or Maypole).    

As time went on, people cut back the week of partying to just a day, but continue to celebrate May Day even now! It's currently more popular in European countries and renaissance faires, but many immigrants to the United States brought along their May Day traditions to pass down from generation to generation. In Iowa, Andy and I were fortunate enough to grow up in communities that kept the spirit of May Day alive by surprising one another with baskets filled with spring goodies, making for some pretty awesome childhood memories.  (Ok, let's be honest here: they were red solo cups with a pipe cleaner as the handle. We didn't really care what they looked like, just that there was yummy candy inside! "Surprising" each other meant ringing their doorbell, dropping the basket on the front porch, and running so you wouldn't get much fun for our neighborhood!)   

Since it was such a staple of where we grew up, you can imagine our surprise at the blank stares we got from many of our Team Members when Andy and I suggested a May Day celebration at Two Bostons. Apparently, the tradition didn't quite stick in Chicago, which is why we've taken it upon ourselves to reintroduce this fun time of year to our friends (four-legged and otherwise). 



Traditionally, May Day baskets are given as surprises between people, but we've decided to put a Two Bostons-twist on things and extend those surprises to our local shelter pets. Now through April 30th, you can purchase a May Day basket for a local shelter pet for only a $5 donation in-store or online. We will double your donation and turn it into a May Day basket stuffed with $10 worth of treats, chews, and other goodies! Then, on May 1st, we'll travel around to local animal shelters to surprise as many lucky four-legged friends with your donated baskets. We'll make sure to take lots of pictures and share these pets on social media to get the word out that they are looking for their forever families!    

Thank you for helping us share some fun with these amazing animals and helping them find their forever homes! Donations can be made in-store or online at