Popsicles and ice cream might be a year-round treat—seriously, there’s never a bad time for ice cream—but they’re especially refreshing in this hot summer weather. In fact, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, the average American eats more than 20 pounds of ice cream a year! As Pet Parents know, if humans love something, they usually find a way to share it with their furry friends, and frozen treats are no exception. In fact, at Two Bostons, we LOVE sticking spreadable treats in our freezer before serving them, because not only do they make your pet’s favorite snack last longer, but they’re also great for cooling down and even easing anxiety.     

We’re always on the hunt for new things to stock our shelves with, and over the years, we’ve discovered a TON of amazing toys and treats that satisfy our pets’ sweet tooth. Toys made for stuffing, like Kong products, are great for making healthy snacks, but while we love keeping our pets in tip top shape…sometimes you just need to indulge a little.     

Boss Dog makes one of our all-time favorite summertime snacks: frozen yogurt! It comes in three different flavors, peanut butter & banana, cheddar & bacon, and pumpkin & cinnamon, so your dog has plenty of variety to sample. But our favorite part? We sell it already frozen, so it’s ready to go from our freezers to your dog’s tummy—no waiting involved! Plus, not only will your pup be super excited to chow down on some fro-yo, but the licking motion releases natural endorphins in your dog, giving the added benefit of anxiety relief and relaxation.   


But what about the pets who are on super strict diets or have food sensitivities? We’ve got you covered with an amazing ZERO CALORIE, treat…Ice Toys by GF Pets! These fun silicone toys have hit our shelves just in time for the hottest season of the year, and we already can’t get enough of them. They come in two styles: popsicle or ice cream cone, and a variety of bright, summery colors. All you need to do is fill them with water, pop them in the freezer, and voila! You have a perfect chilly, boredom busting toy for light chewers or teething puppies. You can even customize how hard or soft you want it to be depending on your pup’s personal preference!    


Is your sweet tooth screaming for ice cream yet? The next time you head out to get America’s favorite frozen snack, don’t leave your pets out on the fun. Grab our Ice Toys in store, over the phone, or online, and pay us a visit or give us a call to stock up on Boss Dog fro-yo!