In the past, we’ve talked a lot about how much we love ArkNaturals Brushless Toothpaste. But did you know they make more than just products to keep your pet’s teeth sparkly clean? Their Happy Traveler line of anxiety relief treats and capsules will have your pet feeling Zen through the use of mother nature’s best natural relaxants!  


As Pet Parents, we can say the first thing we do before trying something new is read the ingredients, especially when it comes to stress relief products for thunderstorms, travel, grooming, or fireworks. Like you, we don’t want to use any harsh chemicals, which is why we love that a lot of what makes up Happy Traveler are things we regularly consume, too! The first ingredients are Valerian and German Chamomile—two herbs that are also found in “sleepy time” tea blends. St. John’s Wort is also a common relaxant that is also a known mood booster, and L-Tryptophan is the stuff that makes you sleepy after a turkey dinner! Mix all that with a yummy chicken liver flavor, and you have a treat your pet won’t be able to get enough of.  

You might be asking yourself why we carry capsules when pets notoriously hate swallowing things like pills. First off, you don’t have to administer it in pill form! The capsules easily break apart, allowing you to mix a perfectly proportioned dosage of the powder in with their favorite wet food or spreadable treat. They’re also great for bigger dogs, or pets who are looking to watch their weight--but at under 3 calories a chew, you won't have to worry too much about packing on extra pounds!  


When it comes to the Happy Traveler chews, the suggested usage is typically 1-2 treats per 10 lbs. That’s great if you have a cat or smaller breed of dog, but the bigger the breed, the more treats! On the other hand, 1 capsule suggested per 25 lbs. Pet Parents who only tend to use anxiety relief products occasionally might be okay with spoiling their pet a little extra now and then, but if you have a naturally nervous pet and use anxiety products more regularly, the zero-calorie capsules might be better for you. 

Ready to say bye to pet anxiety? Happy Traveler products are available in-store, over the phone, or online at!