Hello there! I know you are anxiously awaiting my next tip...so here it is: It's ok to splurge and treat yourself! My favorite treat is Smart Pup! I love the way they taste..peanut butter and banana is my FAVORITE flavor combination, and they do it so well! I can eat them frozen (which I love), or right off the shelf. And, not only do they taste great, but my Mom and Dad assure me that they are great for me. They have three different formulas that give me added benefits. The hip & joint formula has glucosamine and chondroitin added to help promote optimal joint health. The digestive health formula has probiotic cultures and prebiotic fiber added to help strengthen my immune system and assist with, ahem, well, let's just agree to call it occasional intestinal upset shall we? And the skin & coat formula is fortified with wild Alaskan salmon oils which promotes skin health. Since it's my birthday, my Mom and Dad have frozen up a bunch and decided to serve these at Yappy Hour tonight. Stop by the 75th street store between 6:30 and 8 PM tonight to give them a try (while supplies last). ~Daisy