Lately we’ve all been stepping up our hand-washing game, and hand sanitizer has been flying off the shelves in our local supermarkets. We know all the stuff on the news can be scary, and it’s important to the Two Bostons Team that you and your pets feel comfortable in your own environment. General hygiene for your pets is important no matter what the circumstances are, not only because it’s healthy for them, but it’s also healthy for your home. Our pets tend to get down and dirty rolling around on the floor, playing outside, or exploring some of the dustier parts of your home…and then they afterwards they come snuggle with you. Here are some great products to keep their cuddles clean:      

Lampe Berger     

Whether you have cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, or anything in between, Lampe Berger (pronounced “Lamp Ber-shay”) does more than just keep your home smelling fresh. They’ve been around for over 115, and were originally created by doctors to keep the air clean and healthy. This is a great addition to your house during cold and flu season for your entire family. Essentially, by burning the lamp you release a fragrance that literally attacks and destroys impurities in the air! It comes in a huge variety of scents, including a “scentless” option for those of you who are just looking to keep things neutral and clean.     


BoxiePro Litter     

We’ve written blogs before about BoxieCat because, according to the Cat Parents who come in our stores, it’s the best litter they’ve ever used; and we’d have to agree! Not only does the litter do a great job of clumping and eliminating scent—making for longer lasting litter that’s easier for your to scoop—but the “BoxiePro” actually contains probiotics that naturally clean their box and their paws! Better yet, it’s designed to come off your kitty’s paws easier. That means no more tracking germs or chunks of litter around the house after a potty break.     

Dirty Dog Doormat     

With spring just around the corner, we’re entering a rainy time of year. For some of our dogs, that just means they want to play outside even more! Honestly, we don’t blame them. Splashing in puddles can be pretty fun, until it’s time to come inside and you’re covered in mud! That’s where the Dirty Dog Doormat comes in. Set it in front of your door and give your pup’s paws a good wipe before they come in—it can hold up to 7 times it’s own weight in water, dirt, and mud! And when you’re done? Toss it in the washer so it’s good as new for your dog’s next outdoor adventure!      


Skout’s Honor      

Whether your pets love bath time or can’t understand why the puddle they just rolled around in isn’t good enough (see above), bath time is inevitable! It’s important that when it’s time to give your pup a good scrub, you’re using a shampoo that does more than just make them smell nice. Scout’s Honor uses Probiotics, to keep your pet naturally clean without the use of any harsh chemicals. Plus, no matter what size the dog or how big the mess, they’ll smell amazing!      

Charcoal Peppermint Metro Wipes     

Charcoal is all the rage these days, especially when it comes to beauty products for people. It cleans pores, whitens teeth, and so much more! But did you know it’s great for pets, too? These alcohol-free wet wipes are infused with charcoal which naturally disinfects areas of your pet like their paws, nose, ears, and wigglebutts. Plus, dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of peppermint, which will make them excited for when it’s time to get clean! And yes…they’re great for humans, too!    

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