While April showers bring May flowers, June storms bring…lots of anxiety for our pets. If you’re a Pet Parent with a dog who gets nervous around loud noises, we probably don’t have to explain why summer is hard for your pooch. Fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, and more frequent grooming are all common triggers for anxious behavior like barking, indoor peeing, chewing, and shaking. We know seeing your furry friends under any sort of stress is tough. We also know waking up to destroyed pillows or poop on the floor is frustrating. Lucky for you (and your dogs), the solution to your problems is as easy as giving a hug!   

The Thundershirt is by far one of our most popular answers to anxiety. One of the many things humans and dogs have in common is the comfort we find when we’re embraced. Think about babies. What’s the first thing we do after they’re born? We swaddle them in a cozy blanket! Now think about us as adults. What do we do when we’re watching a scary movie? That’s right: we bury ourselves in blankets (whether we like to admit it or not). Swaddles are found all throughout nature whether it comes in the form of blankets, cocoons, or—in this case—Thundershirts!     

The way the Thundershirt works is by appealing to your dog’s natural instincts. It wraps around them, creating a feeling similar to that of a weighted blanket. Because of this, your pup will feel safer and more at ease during their usual summertime stressors.    

For the Thundershirt to be most effective, we strongly recommend putting it on your dog at least a half hour before they’re exposed to any sort of noise or travel. While it will still work if a sudden storm or bout of fireworks takes you by surprise, it’s better to go into these things with your pup already in a state of calm. Remember: it’s easier to keep your dog calm ahead of time than it is to calm them down in the midst of anxious situations.   

Since our Thundershirts are just as amazing as they sound, they often sell out quickly this time of year, so make sure you get yours before they’re gone! They are currently available in-store, over the phone, or online at twobostons.com