Many of our customers know Stella & Chewy’s for their raw and freeze dried food, and for good reason! Their raw food products are AMAZING, especially when it comes to health, convenience, and quality. In fact, Stella & Chewy's is our best selling freeze dried brand! But their amazing products don't just stop at raw and freeze dried. Stella’s took their freeze dried feeding game to the next level with their unique lines of kibble! Pet Parents, meet: Raw Coated and Raw Blend dry food.        


If you have a pet who is an absolute newbie to feeding fresh or tends to be picky with what’s in their bowl, Raw Coated Kibble is definitely for you. The way it works is Stella’s makes a traditional kibble recipe—formulated with all the nutrients your pet needs to live their best life—and gently bakes them at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional value of every yummy ingredient. After the kibble is perfectly cooked and off the conveyor belt, it gets lightly coated in freeze dried protein (which you might better know as Dinner Dust!). Since the coating is over a food already familiar to your pet, it's a great starting point to introduce newbies to freeze-dried raw and sneak some into the routine of picky pets. Better yet, you can store and serve it exactly as you would any other kibble!       


Raw Blend takes things up a notch. You’re still getting kibble that’s gently coated in Dinner Dust, but with the added benefit of having nuggets of freeze dried raw food mixed in! This is an amazing way to stick with the convenience and familiarity of kibble, while adding even more protein to their bowls. There’s no freezing or rehydration needed, either (although adding extra moisture, like bone broth is always a great idea!). All you need to do is scoop, serve, and watch them chow down! As an added bonus, every bag of Stella & Chewy's food is made right here in the USA, and goes through a number of tests--including an X-Ray!--before hitting our shelves.     

Stella & Chewy’s makes kibble for both cats and dogs. Stock up today by giving us a call, stopping by, or shopping online at!