Let’s talk tripe. It’s something you’ve probably heard of and likely fed your furry friends—but what exactly is it and why is it a must-have for healthy pets? The short answer is, it’s the lining of the stomach of various animals, most commonly cattle and sheep, and it’s packed with TONS of nutrients. Many countries, like France, consider tripe to be a delicacy, while others, like Turkey, have found it to be a great hangover remedy. For pets, though, the number one benefit is digestion help.  

It makes sense that something from a stomach would be good for the stomach. Tripe contains natural enzymes that help your pet easily break down and digest their food. Easier digestion means more absorption of all the vitamins and minerals from whatever your furry friend is chowing down on. There are several different types of tripe, but the stuff you’ll typically find in your pet’s food is green tripe—tripe that hasn’t been treated or bleached—due to the mirroring of what your dog or cat’s ancestors ate. Because tripe is not only great for digestion but also biologically appropriate, it’s extra amazing for pets who have sensitive stomachs. If you find that your dog has potty problems or your cat throws up after eating a meal, brands like Ziwi or Orijen are great to try since their inclusion of tripe makes the food more palatable.  

Of course, there’s more to tripe than digestion. It’s also packed with protein, amino acids, and probiotics to support not only digestion, but also a healthy immune system and urinary tract. That means your pets are healthier, and picking up after they “go” is a little easier. You’ll additionally find that tripe is a great source of calcium, meaning healthy bones for years and years of playtime!  


For our furry friends who deserve a few extra treats (so…all of them), try out a tripe chew! The green lamb tripe sticks from Barking Buddha are some of our favorites since they’re human-grade, single-ingredient, extra tasty, and packed with protein! Better yet, they can also act as a weight stabilizer, since tripe is known to help overweight and underweight pets alike get to a healthy size just by gnawing on a tasty chew. Ziwi also makes an amazing single-ingredient tripe chew using their extra special air-drying process and world-renowned New Zealand lamb!  


 Excited to try some tripe? Stock up in-store, over the phone, or online at twobostons.com!