Did you know fleas can lay up to 8,000 eggs on your pet’s fur? How about the fact that disease-transmitting ticks can feed off your dog for up to five days? Whether or not the thought of bugs makes your skin crawl, it’s crucial to get your pet on a proper flea and tick regimen to keep them—and you—safe! There are dozens of products on the market, but a lot of us can be nervous about which will fit best. After all, stronger and more effective usually = harsher chemicals. Needless to say, the last thing we want is to cause any skin irritation by putting pesticides all over your outdoor pets. Luckily, mother nature has a great alternative to the harmful chemicals!    

A lot of us know and love Earth Animal for their amazing No-Hide chews, but did you know they also make an amazing line of flea & tick products? It works by using natural deterrents sourced from the USA like garlic, peppermint, vervain, and even papaya—and yes, each product smells amazing! Our Team likes to use the “inside/outside” approach.  We start with the “inside” portion by incorporating a few daily scoops of chicken liver supplement powder to their meal a few months before pest season starts. The herbs work their way into their bloodstream which makes their blood repellent to pests.       


For the “outside” part of the regimen, give the peppermint scented collars a try. Like the internal powder, essential oils and herbs are used that smell great to your pets (and us!) but keep bugs far away. The best part is the collars stay potent for up to three months, getting you through an entire summer of fleas and ticks! (Pro-tip: They might end up in your neighbor’s yard as they go running for the hills, so be sure to recommend Earth Animal to them, too!).        

Want to add another line of defense? The spot-on oil uses a similar blend as the collars. While you get a pleasant whiff of cedar wood and peppermint oils, pests will make themselves scarce. There’s even a spray that works for humans, so while you’re taking your springtime walks and summer hikes, you’ll be just as protected from bugs and chemicals as your pets.     


Have a pest-free summer by stocking up on Earth Animal’s flea & tick line, available in-store, online, or over the phone!