It’s officially…(drumroll, please)…the final week of our 2020 $1,000 Shopping Spree contest! Seeing as it was our biggest and best year yet, it’s not surprising that time flew by so fast, but before we start our nail biting as we wait to see who the big winner is, now is a great time to get a few hundred extra entries in for your chance to win.      

We’re pretty sure you’re all experts at the end of these 8 weeks, but just in case you need a refresher: all of our featured products for this week are worth 50 extra entries for your chance to win per purchase. The best part? There is NO LIMIT to how many entries you can earn! For more info you can visit, but first, check out all the goodies that just might win you a $1,000 shopping trip to Two Bostons!      

Acana Dry Dog Food      

Acana is all about feeding your dog the best—and that’s something we can definitely get behind! It has all the human-grade ingredients you’ve come to expect from a brand we carry, with the added benefits of having some of the freshest protein you can possibly find in a dry food. In order to mirror what your dog would eat in the wild, Acana takes a nutritious, sustainable whole-prey approach, meaning the entire animal is used, rather than just a few select parts. They also recognize that every pooch is at a different stage in their life, which is why in addition to their tasty original recipes, they also have special formulas for puppies, seniors, and dogs looking to shake off that extra quarantine weight!      


Tucker’s Freeze-dried Food      

Family-owned and pet-obsessed, the folks at Tucker’s know a thing or two about proving the best for our furry friends. Every healthy meal contains human-grade ingredients sourced, prepped, and packed by hand exclusively in the USA! They operate under the goal to make feeding fresh as easy as possible, which is why they designed their food to be easily measurable to ensure a perfectly balanced meal every time. They even add a bit of organic pumpkin to their recipes so your pet can easily digest the important vitamins and minerals packed into every bite.      


Open Farm Toppers      

If you have a pet who gets bored of their food easily, is looking to get some extra nutrition in their diet, or just needs some variety in their life, Open Farm toppers are a quick and easy way to easily boost the flavor and nutritional value of every meal! Their bone broth is sustainably made by slowly simmering bones left over from the proteins used to make their food, to create a nutrient-rich broth that’s perfect for rehydrating freeze-dried food (like Tucker’s!) or adding moisture to their routine. Their organic goat’s milk is another great way to entice pets to eat healthier, plus, they’re an amazing source of calcium, and while you’re visiting, don’t forget to grab a bottle of kefir, as well! It’s perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs or digestion issues.       


Puppy Kisses      

Our super popular signature treats might win you our $1,000 shopping spree! They’re made with 100% human-grade ingredients (give them a try, we think you’ll love them as much as your dog does!) like yogurt, peanut butter, and carob, and come in six blends. We also have a special Halloween mix available for a limited time which means if you stock up now on each kind, you can easily earn 300 extra entries for your chance to win!      


Stella & Chewy’s Treats      

Our most popular raw brand took the ingredients that make them so amazing and turned them into TREATS! And guess what? Those treats can earn you 50 extra entries per purchase for your chance to win! The variety is so huge we don’t even know where to start; they’ve got everything from raw-coated biscuits to taurine-packed hearts and everything in between! Recently, our dogs have been pretty obsessed with the brand new Bacon Bites line of chewy treats made from protein rich recipes that include things like pork, chicken, and duck. The best part? You can say goodbye to any guilt you feel when treating your pooch because each “bite” is the perfect low-calorie reward for training, snacking, and spoiling!      


There’s still time left to enter for your chance to win! Shop in-store, over the phone, or online at to earn your entries ASAP!      

*No purchase necessary to enter.