We’re 4 weeks away from picking the lucky winner of our $1,000 Two Bostons Shopping Spree, which means we still have 4 weeks left of more amazing products, prizes, and savings! There is still plenty of time to earn hundreds (even THOUSANDS!) of extra entries for your chance to win. All you need to do is stock up on your pet’s favorite things and give them a few new ones to try and remember there are plenty of ways to be entered with no purchase necessary. Our featured products are worth 50 extra entries per purchase for your chance to win our grand prize, so get your shopping lists ready because we’ve got everything you need to know about why your pet needs this stuff to live their best life!    

Want to learn more about our 2020 contest? Visit twobostons.com/spree for more information!    

Earth Animal No-Hides   

No-Hides are by far one of our most popular chews, and this week, they might just even win you a $1,000 Two Bostons dream shopping spree! If you’ve never treated your dog to a No-hide before, there’s no better time than the present. Each chew is hand-rolled in a human-grade kitchen and coated in a mixture of beef, chicken, pork, salmon, venison, or peanut butter (that’s 300 extra entries for your chance to win if you tried one of each flavor) that’s irresistible to dogs! The best part? Unlike rawhides which are dangerous, toxic, and full of nasty chemicals, No-hides are totally natural and safe to digest!   

Pro-tip: Got a cat who loves playing with pens and pencils? Get a bag of No-hide Salmon Stix! They’ve got all the fun of batting a pencil with the added benefit of being a tasty salmon chew!  


Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried and Marie's Kitchen    

We’ve got another member of our “most popular product” club for this week’s features: Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried! With formulas containing 98% protein meat, organs, and bones, this stuff is our customers' go-to for getting some freeze-dried raw into their pets' dinner routine. Since it’s freeze-dried, not frozen, each package is shelf-stable and ready to be rehydrated with your base of choice (for an extra boost of nutrition, we love using bone broth!).    

Love adding a special homemade touch to every meal? Put a little extra magic in your dog or cat's dry or wet food by sprinkling a bit of Magic Dinner Dust over their meal before they dig in. Treating them to a hearty meal of Marie's Kitchen Gently Cooked--a line of food that's slowly cooked at a low temperature to preserve nutrients--is another great way to add an ultra-healthy touch of homemade love to your pet's bowl. 


Open Farm Dry Food   

Open Farm believes that if we want to give our pets their best lives, we need to treat the planet well—and we couldn’t agree more! In addition to totally recyclable packaging, Open Farm partners exclusively with trusted family-owned farms to bring you a huge variety of proteins to pick from like turkey, beef, and lamb, as well as puppy, senior, and grain-in formulas. In addition to their sustainable farming methods on land, they keep things eco-friendly by sea, as well, and even carry a special “Catch of the Season” recipe that rotates ingredients based on the time of year to help prevent overfishing. Don’t forget to flip the bag over—a special code on the bottom gives you peace of mind by telling you where every single ingredient in your pet’s bowl was sourced from!     



Weruva (rhymes with Aruba) is our most popular wet food brand for dogs and cats, and it's partly thanks to the HUGE variety to pick from! They have about a zillion different high-quality formulas available for your furry friends, and at 50 extra entries for your chance to win our $1,000 Two Bostons Shopping spree per purchase, you might as well try them all! What makes this brand really stand out from the rest is the focus on moisture content. Cats, especially, are prone to dehydration, which is why we always encourage Pet Parents to include wet food in their daily routine. Weruva adds extra moisture to each of their meat-first recipes to help ensure your furry family is set up for success by always being hydrated!  


Ziggy Bars   

This week seriously keeps getting better, because we have another #1 seller that can earn you entries! Get ready for some tail wags, because your dog’s favorite food also comes in treat form. That’s right, Zignature officially makes super delicious, super healthy snacks. The secret? They use the same formulas in their treats as they do their meals, meaning your pup is indulging on guilt-free biscuits. We carry over a dozen options to choose from (hello, 650 extra Shopping Spree entries!) so even the pickiest pooch is sure to find something they’ll love.      


Ready to win? Start racking up those entries! All of these products and more are available in-store, over the phone, and online at twobostons.com.    

*No purchase necessary to enter.