Yippee! It’s Shopping Spree week 3! Get ready for the inside info on all our featured products.   

New to the spree? Welcome aboard! Here’s how it works: every week we’ll feature five of our favorite products. Each purchase of them earns you 50 extra entries for your chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at Two Bostons! There’s NO LIMIT to how many entries you can earn, which means you’ll get rewarded just by stocking up on stuff you love and trying new things. To learn more, visit twobostons.com/spree for all the details, including all the ways you can be entered for your chance to win with no purchase necessary!  

Orijen Dry Dog Food  

Dogs are carnivores, which means the key to a healthy and happy life is PROTEIN! It’s the reason we only put dry food on our shelves with protein-first formulas (meaning meat is the main ingredient). But “main ingredient” can mean a lot of things. Many big box food brands often claim meat is their main ingredient while putting in the bare minimum. Orijen, on the other hand, doesn't just say it. They actually DO it. Orijen uses a whole-prey diet approach. Each of their recipes contains up to 85% animal protein! We mean the entire animal; muscle, organs, cartilage, and all, making it not only amazing for getting your dog all the nutrients their body needs, but also cutting down on waste! Your dog and Mother Nature will thank you.  


Northwest Naturals  

You’ve heard us say it time and time again: fresh food is the best food! Because it's minimally processed, raw and freeze-dried food is the healthiest thing you can put in your pet’s bowl since every single vitamin and nutrient is preserved. Stocking up on Northwest Naturals this week not only means earning 50 extra entries for your chance to win big (per bag!!!), but it also means filling your pet’s bowl with top-notch ingredients sourced from the USA!   


Bare Bites Treats  

If you’re a Pet Parent, you know that having a full supply of treats is just as crucial as giving your furry friends healthy food. After all, it’s important to reward your cat or dog for good behavior (or just being so darn cute). Like anything yummy, it can be a little easy to go overboard, though, and the next thing you know your pet is looking a little rounder than normal. Our best advice? Get a single-ingredient treat to pack on yummy protein instead of pounds! Bare Bites takes free-range, human-grade proteins and turns them into a delicious crunchy jerky that makes for a healthy snack or guilt-free training treat. We carry five different varieties like beef liver and chicken breast, which means if you give all of them a try you can earn an easy 250 extra entries!  


Super Snouts  

Super Snouts products are a super great way to help your pet chill with the power of CBD. But did you know CBD is great for more than just anxiety? It’s also an amazing way to relieve joint pain, improve your pet’s skin and coat, and simply promote your pet’s overall well-being. You’ve got plenty of great options to choose from, from CBD-infused peanut butters, powders, and tasty treats. What’s even cooler is that since Super Snouts is in the business of relaxation, they also carry an amazing line of chews! They’re all-natural and made from water buffalo horn, making for a long-lasting boredom buster that will keep even power chewers entertained.  


Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste  

Did you know if your dog has breath that makes you want to dodge their kisses, it’s likely they have dental problems? Like humans, plaque build-up can cause cavities, gum disease, and yes, stinky breath. There’s a common myth that having something hard to chew on like kibble or bones is good enough to scrape away all the icky stuff, but that’s actually the equivalent of saying people can keep their teeth clean by simply eating granola. We know cleaning your dog’s teeth is tough, but Ark Naturals is here for the oral rescue! Their special treats—yes, you get to brush your dog’s teeth with treats—are textured on the outside for scraping plaque with a special patented toothpaste on the inside to help kill bacteria and freshen their breath. The best part? You get to earn 50 extra entries per Brushless Toothpaste purchase while also avoiding expensive vet bills!  


Ready to start racking up entries? Give us a call, stop by our stores, or visit twobostons.com to get started!   

*No purchase necessary to enter.