Hold onto your butts, because Week 2 of our Shopping Spree contest is full of fan faves!  

If you’re tuning in a little late, don’t worry! You picked an awesome week to join, because our five features are all from some of our most popular brands. What’s so special about featured products? Each purchase earns you 50 extra entries for your chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at Two Bostons! The best part? There’s NO LIMIT to how many entries you can earn! That means the more you help your pet live their healthiest life, the higher your chances are of winning big. To learn more, visit twobostons.com/spree ! 

Stella & Chewy’s Kibble 

Our number one tip for giving your pets a healthy diet is incorporating fresh food into their routine. It’s the best way to fulfill your pet’s natural biological needs, AKA, you’re giving them what they’d eat in the wild! If you’re a Pet Parent, you fit into one of three categories: 1. You’ve never fed fresh food before. 2. Your pet is picky about eating fresh. 3. Your pet already eats fresh and you’re looking for even MORE ways to incorporate it into their diet! Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble checks off the boxes for your unique pet. The raw coating over something familiar like kibble is an amazing way to introduce newbies to raw, and sneak some into the routine of picky pets. Better yet, you can store it exactly as you would any other kibble, and at 50 extra entries per bag purchased, you’ll definitely want to stock up.  


Rawbble Freeze-dried 

What pairs perfectly with raw-coated kibble? Freeze-dried food! 98% of every bite of Rawbble is made up of meat, bones, and organs to give your pet the protein they need. What’s even better is that since it’s freeze-dried, you can store it in the pantry right by your other shelf-stable products without losing any nutrients or flavor. We currently carry seven different varieties, from beef to salmon and everything in between. If you were to try each type (which you totally should, because rotating proteins is a must!), that’s an easy 350 extra entries for your chance to win our $1,000 shopping spree.  

PET PARENT PRO-TIP: Up the yum-factor and add an extra boost of vitamins by rehydrating freeze-dried food with bone broth instead of water! 


Small Batch Treats 

We’ve had a tough time keeping Small Batch on our shelves ever since we first brought it in our stores, and for good reason: pets LOVE it! How great is it that one of our most popular fresh food brands also makes amazing treats?? If pets have food sensitivities, weight issues, or just can’t get enough fresh food, we always point Parents in the direction of single-ingredient snacks, which is exactly what can earn you some extra entries this week. Small Batch offers a great lineup of treats, featuring freeze-dried hearts, raw bites, and (everyone’s favorite) jerky! 


Fussie Cat 

We love cats, but sometimes they can be, well…fussy. Customers regularly ask us how to get their kitties to stop being picky so they can ditch the icky big box brands and transition to healthy, higher quality meals. Needless to say, Fussie Cat is our go-to suggestion! It comes in kibble and cans, with dozens of different recipes to choose from; many of featuring tantalizing tuna. In fact, when you flip over the package to read the ingredients, you might think your cat came up with the recipes themselves! If your cat isn’t obsessed with Fussie Cat already, now is the time to try it, because you can earn 50 extra entries for your chance to win big per can and kibble bag purchased! 


Bakery Treats 

Our bakery treats are one of our top selling items, and for good reason: they’re yummy AND cute! But have you ever wondered what makes them so tail-wagging tasty? Since our treats look good enough for us humans to eat, we often get questions about what exactly is in them. For starters, every ingredient is 100% human-grade, organic, and sourced from the USA. They’re also made and hand-decorated in human-grade facilities using doggy favorites like pumpkin, squash, peanut butter, and yogurt. 


Ready to start racking up entries? Give us a call, stop by our stores, or visit twobostons.com to get started! 

*No purchase necessary to enter.