It’s Shopping Spree season and we’re all geared up and ready to go with amazing products, flash sales, and tons of prizes. In fact, in addition to racking up entries for your chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at Two Bostons, you’ll also be entered to win some of our featured products. In total, we’ll be giving away over 200 prizes, and all you have to do to increase your chances of winning is spoil your pet. Easy, right?   

Every week we’ll also post a blog highlighting all of our featured products so you can learn a little bit about why we love them and, more importantly, why your pet will love them! Plus, don’t forget each product purchase will earn you an extra 50 entries to win our $1,000 grand prize.   

Fromm Kibble   

A lot of you are already familiar with this one, but if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time to see why Fromm is one of our most popular brands of kibble! With literally dozens of varieties, ranging from yummy proteins to special formulas for puppies, seniors, and weight management, you’re sure to find something your pet will love. What’s even better is that it’s a family-owned business, just like Two Bostons! Their ingredients are all human-grade, and each bag is prepared just North of us in Wisconsin. And yes—some recipes do contain a little Wisconsin cheese!  


Tucker’s Raw   

At 50 entries per bag, if you were to try every variety of Tucker’s we carry, you’d get 650 extra entries! Needless to say, this stuff is amazing. Like all the food we carry, the ingredients are 100% human-grade (because if we wouldn’t eat it, why should they?), and sourced from top-notch farms. It’s also made entirely in the USA! What really makes Tucker’s stand out, though, is that many of the recipes include pumpkin, which is amazing for pets who have food sensitivities or digestion issues. To those of you looking to start your pets on raw food, this is a great one to try!    

Cloud Star Treats   

If you’re a parent to a picky pet, we’ve got great news for you: we’ve lost track of how many times our customers have said “these are the only treats my pet will actually eat”. Cloud Star has perfected the art of making delicious treats that are also low in calories, which means when you stock up (remember, you earn 50 entries for every product you purchase), you can be totally guilt-free. Their Tricky Trainers line is perfect for puppies learning their manners or adult dogs and cats who are looking to learn some new tricks. These are perfect to use in treat dispensing toys, too! Their Buddy Biscuits come in biscuit form for pets who love a little extra crunch, or soft and chewy.    

KOHA Wet Food   

We’ve got one word for you: gravy. Okay…actually we have three more words for you: limited-ingredient diets. Put those two together and you have limited-ingredient diets with delectable gravy! While kibble is great, it’s important to always have some form of wet food included in your pet’s diet to help them get extra moisture in their diet. Cats especially need that extra hydration to help prevent issues in the future like kidney problems. Human-grade, and super tasty, KOHA works great as a full meal or a yummy topper.    

Primal Toppers & Bones

One of our favorite ways to boost our pets' bowls is with Primal products! They carry a great line of tasty goodies to pour over your pet's food or even serve as a healthy snack, making for a great way to add tons of extra nutrition to your pet's diet. Their raw, meaty bones are also a huge hit with your customers' pets. Because they consist of cartilage, they're safe for digestion, plus your dog will love nibbling on the bits of protein still on the bone!

Earning hundreds of extra entries should be no problem with all of this week’s amazing features! Get yours in-store, over the phone, or online at