Did your dog just come barking down the hall? Ours, too. We’re not quite sure what it is about doorbells that gets our furry friends so worked up, but we do know that we’re closing in fast on the busiest doorbell night of the year: Halloween. We’ve got some good news for you, though! There are plenty of super easy, super effective ways to keep anxiety to a minimum and keep your ear drums intact.   


When is the last time your dog’s bed got an update? Could their crate use a few upgrades? This is your sign from the universe to go bed shopping! Making a space they already love even more comfy is a great way to ease anxiety and encourage your dog to stay put rather than go racing to the door every time it rings. You also have the added bonus of staying a few steps ahead when it comes to easing holiday anxiety. Despite the fact we’re all going to be celebrating a little differently this year, we know for some dogs, even a small number of guests can cause stress. We have a range of blankets and beds that are so comfortable, you might even be a little jealous of them. Brands like Bowser Beds or Birch Beds are ultra-soft, and, more importantly, incredibly durable meaning it’ll last you for many holidays to come!    

PRO TIP: Long-lasting chews like bully sticks, No-hides, or Buba Chews fit perfectly on beds or in crates and are proven to keep your pup distracted for hours on end!    

Puzzle Toys   

We’re not done talking treats! Puzzle toys are one of our all time favorite distraction methods because rather than gobbling down a treat tossed in the air, they need use a little brain power. Grab a bag of Plato Thinkers (gotta stay on theme, right?) and pop them in an Orbee Snoop or (TOY). Not only will their focus be on getting the yummy goodies inside, but they’ll have a ton of fun while doing it! It also offers some mental stimulation which is great for keeping dogs of all ages sharp. 




We can’t talk anxiety without talking CBD! This natural calming aid is one of our customers’ favorite ways to help their pups relax—especially during “loud” holidays like the 4th of July or doorbell day (Halloween). We were pretty picky when deciding which brands were worthy of your dogs, which is why we can’t recommend Super Snouts enough. Toxic THC is a common concern for many Pet Parents who haven’t given it a try yet, but Super Snouts has years of experience growing potent hemp that’s still safe for pets and free of THC. What’s even cooler is that CBD doesn’t just help with anxiety, but it can also assist in joint support, boosting their immune system, and keeping their skin and coat looking great. Add a few drops to their favorite snack or give them an infused treat like peanut butter. Combine that with their brand-new bed and it’ll be like the doorbells is nonexistent!  



   Licking Mats   

It’s scientifically proven that licking things helps dogs release endorphins. It’s part of the reason you get so many kisses or you catch your pooch licking their own body, but did you also know it’s also a source of comfort because it satisfies their natural instincts? When wolves eat in the wild, they don’t have food bowls, but rather, they put their tongues to work! LickiMats and Mine Pet Platters are both great tools to help with that endorphin release. The LickiMat has a soft, nubby surface that’s great for spreadable treats and wet food. Not only will your pup get that licking motion, but they’ll also be occupied with trying to get their favorite meals out of every nook and cranny the LickiMat has to offer! The Mine Pet Platter works in a similar way, however, their grooves are a little wider, so in addition to wet food or spreadable treats, you can also add produce or raw food to the mix.  






Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you invest in a flatscreen for your dog, but we do recommend that you turn your TV or radio on a little higher than normal. The sound will help drown out Doorbell Day, helping your pup stay relaxed and (hopefully) oblivious to your many visitors.    

Heavenly Hounds   

Everyone deserves treats on Halloween, which is why you should get stocked up on yummy peanut butter bars, AKA, Heavenly Hounds. They’re individually packaged, making them easy to bring on the go or keep hidden around the house for easy access, and contain high quality, organic essential oils. The main ingredients are chamomile and lavender—two things tea drinkers might recognize from their own bedtime brews—but all your dog will taste is indulgent peanut butter as they get ready to feel totally zen.   



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