Spring is in the air, and so are the rainy days that come with it. While it’s great to get our lawns watered for free, the mud that comes with it is less than ideal…at least for us humans. Our dogs, on the other hand, seem to LOVE splashing around in every puddle they can find, and as a result, our floors end up covered in dirty paw prints. We try our best to get them cleaned off before they come back inside (raise your hand if you have a special “paw” towel by the door), but our dogs always manage to find a way to make tracks all over the place. And don’t even get us started on the messy humans in our families!     

It’s time to toss out the towels and put away the scrub brush because the Dirty Dog Doormat is here to save your floors...and your frustrations. The science is simple: it’s made from super absorbent microfibers that can soak up to 7X their weight in mud, water, and other grime. All you have to do is make sure your furry friends wipe their paws at the door and the Dirty Dog Doormat will do the rest!    


Got a pet who gets squirmy when it’s time to get clean? The Super Gripper Backing keeps your mat firmly in place as you wipe off the mud. Better yet, it’s machine washable—two of our favorite words—so keeping it clean is a snap. We also love how quickly it dries, which is perfect for the pup who can’t decide if they want to be indoors or outdoors. Use it by the door, under your pet’s water bowl, in your bathroom, or anywhere that’s prone to get wet. The plush microfibers and paw print design make it versatile both in function and in matching the décor of your home! It comes in three colors and several different sizes, so grab one (or two or three) to rescue your floors today!