Let’s be real: it’s tough to resist puppy dog eyes and kitten purrs, but don’t forget, pets stay just as cute even when they’re all grown up! There's no reason why many older dogs and cats should often get looked over at shelters because of their age, but at Two Bostons, we believe age is but a number, so we’ve gathered together the top 5 reasons that adult pets make great furever friends:     

They’re most likely already trained    

Training takes time, and there are bound to be a few accidents along the way. Luckily, many of the adult pets up for adoption have already had basic training, either from their prior home or volunteers at the shelter! Rescues will fill you in on what your potential new friend already knows, and the things they might need to work on. Many will even provide you with helpful training resources for any manners your pet may need a bit of help with.      

You know what their personality is like     

One of the top reasons dogs and cats are surrendered is because their personalities don’t fit their family’s lifestyle. It's tough for some people to take care of an energetic kitten or puppy who has decided to use their mouth to explore. If you're looking to skip the "terrible twos" and rebellious teenage phase, an adult pet is the way to go! You'll have the benefit of knowing their energy level, special needs, openness to furry siblings, and comfort with other humans before welcoming them into your home.    

You know their health conditions    

We all have different experience levels with pets. Some of us are newbies while some of us have been around animals all our lives. That being said, a first-time dog owner might not be equipped to handle any special conditions their pet has, like food sensitivities, allergies, or anxiety. Puppies and kittens often don’t show signs of any medical issues until they’re older, meaning you could be bringing home a pet that requires a bit more care than you’re prepared to give. If you’re not up to the challenge, it’s a good idea adopt a pet whose medical history has already been established.  

For those of you who are ready for a pet who requires a bit more care or have already fallen in love before finding out your pet has some special needs, we're here to help! Our Team Members are more than happy to point you in the direction of some of our amazing wellness products, like food for sensitive tummies, allergies, anxiety relief, and more!     


You know their size     

Mutts are all unique, which is one of the reasons we love them, but we don’t always know what breeds are mixed together.  We've heard stories about mutt puppies growing into XL-sized dogs with families who aren't quite prepared for such a large mouth to feed. If you have a living situation that calls for a certain size pet--or you're just more comfortable with a specific size--it's always good to bring home a fur-baby who is already fully grown. Plus, you won't have to purchase a bunch of puppy stuff that they'll grow out of anyways! 

You're giving them a second chance at life 

When an older dog or cat finds themselves in a shelter, it usually means they've been through some rough patches. These are the animals who have been surrendered by their owners, rescued from abusive situations, or found living on the streets. It's a sad thing to think about, but the bright side is that you can help! Rescuing an adult means that you're opening your home to a pet who really needs some extra love, and frankly, knowing that you've saved a life makes it all the more fun when you spoil them! We suggest starting with a brand new collar and ID tag--a great way to show your new, adult friend that they've finally found their forever home.