Let’s set a familiar scene: you’re so excited to get home and see your dog! You’ve missed them like crazy while you were at work or running errands. Finally you open the door to see…your brand new pillows completely torn up.    

It’s frustrating to find your dog has been busy chewing on things they’re not supposed to (a moment of silence for our fallen couches, chairs, pillows, and blankets), but take a breath and remember it’s most likely due to anxiety, boredom, or exploration. The latter is typically seen more with puppies, who love exploring new things with their mouths, but anxiety and boredom might explain why your adult dog is being destructive.    

Chewing, barking, peeing, and pacing are all common reactions to stressors like loud noises or being left alone. While you unfortunately can’t tell your dog there’s nothing to be afraid of, you can at least redirect their behaviors away from your couch by providing them with some healthy entertainment. Providing a safe, long-lasting chew is a game-changer for pets and Pet Parents alike because it’s such a simple way to curb bad behaviors! That being said, there are a ton of different chews to choose from, so we’ve gathered a list of our top five durable chews guaranteed to keep your pet entertained for hours on end.   


Yes, it’s as tough as it sounds! The Shankzilla chew by Diggin’ Your Dog is bigger than most dogs’ heads (and in some cases, the actual dog!), so they’re especially great for larger breeds and power chewers. They’re made from grass-fed, free-range beef, sourced in the USA, and specially air dried to keep the bone from splintering; making for a safer, tastier, and longer lasting chew!   


Buba Chews   

Buba Chews have landed Diggin’ Your Dog another spot on our list. They come in four different sizes—so you can find one for any size mouth—and are made with just one ingredient: grass-fed, free-range water buffalo horn! They’re a great way to improve dental health, and their hollow center has the added bonus of giving you a spot to fill with a tasty treat.    

Pro-tip: For an even longer lasting chew, try stuffing it with your dog’s favorite wet food or spreadable treat and freezing it!  


Stuffed Shin Bones   

Barkworthies makes some of our most popular chews, like bullysticks, but it’s their Stuffed Shin Bones that are amazing for keeping your pup distracted for an extended amount of time. While the thickness of the grass-fed, free-range beef shin bone is enough to slow down power chewers, the yummy filling steals the show. Stuffing acts as a great way to give an extra distraction for your dog because they have the extra challenge of trying to lick the tasty center. Plus, with four different flavors to choose from, ranging from sweet to savory, you’ll be able to regularly mix things up!  


Himalayan Dog Chews   

Who doesn’t love cheese??? These chews are made from “churpi”, an ancient cheese snack originating in Nepal, and make for a great lengthy distraction tool for smaller breeds and lighter chewers. If the cheesiness isn’t enough, we even have varieties with bits of bacon, chicken, or peanut butter added in! But wait—there’s more! Himalayan also makes “Jugheads”, a special puzzle toy designed to specially fit their chews, adding in an extra level of stimulation. We suggest grabbing a couple if your pup loves puzzles or you have a power chewer!  

Our flavored chews are made right here in the USA, while the original variety comes from Nepal, with part of the proceeds going to empower women in impoverished villages.


Split Elk Antlers 

Low-odor, durable, and 100% natural, Split Elk Antlers by Barkworthies are made from shed antlers of free-roaming elk! They're thoroughly cleaned and split it half to expose the delicious and nutritious bone marrow inside, making for an amazing, long-lasting chew. 


Looking for more chews to choose from? Visit our website, give us a call, or drop by our store for tons of great options!